Wednesday, December 17, 2003

David fixed my deadjournal, so I'm going back...

I'm here without you

Perhaps I will someday come back to blog...+++
Tuesday, December 16, 2003

To honestly be in love again, is wonderful. I never thought this day would come when I can say that I truly have fallen in love again, and it feels amazing. Though sometimes I get lost in what could have been, it never seems to matter, you love me just the same. It doesn't matter if you love me more, or I still think about the past, all that matters is at the end of the day you still love me despite the mistakes I have made. You know I still think about him and parts of me still are with him, but it never seems to matter much to you and I still can't figure out why. I could leave you for him, or for anyone, and you'd still be there, waiting for me. I can't exactly figure out why, but you say you'll love me forever, and I might be starting to believe it. I now have something to look forward to again, and I thank you for that. Every Friday I count down the minutes until I can see you again. I need this in my life, I need you.

I love you.+++
Monday, December 15, 2003

Snow day.

I'm coughing up a lung over here.

School tomorrow, I still feel like complete crap. +++
Sunday, December 14, 2003

ztormygirl: its almost like, mashed potatoes
SuNFloWer236: oh..
SuNFloWer236: i dont follow.
SuNFloWer236: whats like mashed potatoes?
ztormygirl: how i feel
ztormygirl: like everythings all nice
ztormygirl: but then you come across a nasty lump in it
SuNFloWer236: my mom whips our potatoes
SuNFloWer236: there are no lumps.
ztormygirl: oh
ztormygirl: well then i guess its more like breast cancer then

I love you Morgan.+++

Oh what a night. I new this happy shit wouldn't last long.+++
Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I'm really happy. I haven't been this happy in a long time. It's the kind of happy when you still think of all the shitty things but then you shrug it off, because hey, you're happy so who the hell cares? I've been thinking a lot lately, and mostly just shrugging it off. I'm obviously taking leaps and bounds forward. It feels so good to be back on track again. Back to what I want my life to be like. I've had enough of this depressing shit I've been pulling for the past 3 or 4 months. Things just look so good. I know this is probably going to all back fire in my face, but hey...I'll deal with it when it comes. And I have decided try and stop doing things that hurt me. Because it hurts a lot more people than just me.

I just had a nice telephone conversation with Chelsea, we bonded, it was fun. I realized when I was talking to her that this shrugging everything off thing will work for a while. I love Chelsea, I really do. I'm sorry if you thought I was mad.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Everyone's caught on to everything you do.+++

> 1. Name?: Janette

2. Location?: Trumbull
> 3. Birthday?: 5-25
> 4. Sign?: Gemini
> 5. Siblings?: Jim
> 6. Job: I have that application...but I have yet to finish filling it out...

> 7. Favorite things to do?: Be with friends, read, listen to music..
> 9. Favorite Movie?: Finding Nemo
> 10. Favorite color?: black
> 11. Favorite food?: Chinese Food
> 12. Any pets?: Hunter - Dog
> 13. Do you have your own line or a cell?: Yes, my trusty cell phone.
> 14. Are you pregnant?: Nope
> 15. Are you a virgin? ...
> 16. If no, How many times?: ...
> 17. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yes
> 18. If so, what's there name and how long have you been with them?: 3 and a half months-ish.
> 19. If not, do you have a crush?: ...
> 20. What's there name?: ...
> 21. Do they know you like them?: ...
> 22. Where's your favorite place to be kissed?: Lips then neck.
> 24. What's your description of a perfect guy/girl?: Caring, nice, funny, smart, someone that I can go to with EVERYTHING.
> 25. ....Do you have friends?: I do.

> 26. Who's your best friend?: Morgan and of course David
> 27. Who is the funniest?: Morgan, Keith and David
> 28. Who is the nicest?: Morgan
> 29. Who's the sweetest?: Keith, Chelsea, and Elyssa. Oh yes, and Mike Dunn. And probably Soltis that I think of it...
> 30. Who's the dirtiest?: All of us, all of us.
> 31. Who gets the most guy's/girl's?: Everyone, we're so damn sexy.
> 32. Who's the most outgoing?: Keith
> 33. Who's the most gullible?: David
> 34. Who's the most popular?: David - "We're so popular, everyone loves us."
> 35. Who's the prettiest?: Morgan (and Keith of course..)
> 36. Who's the skinniest?: Elyssa
> 37. Who's the fattest?: No one, we should all start eating more.
> 38. Do any of your friends have eating disorders?: ...
> 39. Who's the horniest?: We are all so horny, it can not be compared.
> 40. Who makes you laugh the most?: Morgan, David and Keith
> 41. What did you do today?: Stayed home because it snowed on my plans.

> 42. What time did you wake up?: 6:00AM
> 43. How many showers do you take a day?: 1 or 2, depending on what I'm doing.
> 44. How many times do you brush your teeth a day?: 3
> 45. What shampoo/conditioner do you use?: HERBAL ESSENCES!
> 46. What's your favorite perfume/cologne?: I like clean smelling people.

> 47. What's your lucky number?: 2
> 48. Do you play any sports?: Yes, you should see me play hockey in gym class. I kick major ass...
> 49. Do you have any talents?: Sure. I attempt to draw and play the trumpet.

> 50. What kind of music do you like?: Everything. Keith thinks I listen to too much punk/emo though.
> 51. What's your favorite song?: Only One - Yellowcard
> 52. How many concerts have you been too and who's concert?: Countless band concerts that I will NEVER attend again.
> 53. Do you you prefer...Pool or ocean?: Ocean
> 54. Vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla
> 55. Pants or shorts?: Pants for me.
> 56. Hoops or studs?: Studs are good

> 57. Hot or cold:? Cold
> 58. One pillow or two?: 1
> 59. Coffee or tea?: Coffee
> 60. Pen or pencil?: Pencil, I make a lot of mistakes.
> 61. Meat or vegetables?: Meat
> 62. Blue or purple?: Blue
> 63. Dick or pussy?: I like the dick.
> 64. Man or woman or both?: Man for me thanks.
> 65. Phone sex or cyber sex?: I prefer REAL sex.
> 66. Naked or dressed?: I can't choose, it's all so good.
> 67. Dog or cat?: Dog, I'm allergic to cats.
> 68. Sneakers or sandal's?: Sneakers, high top cons.
> 69. CD, tape, or record?: CD
> 70. Go to a club or party? Party
> 71. Hamburger or cheeseburger?: Cheeseburger
> 72. Ketchup or mustard?: Ketchup
> 73. Mustard or Mayo?: Mayo
> 74. Belt or no belt?: Belt
> 75. Do you like this survey?: Not really
> 76. If not, WHY?: Your Mom.
> 77. Where are you right now?: In the "party room"
> 78. Are you with anyone?: Nope
> 79. What are you wearing?: Pajama pants and a white long sleeved tee with a sweatshirt.
> 80. Are your parents in with you?: Nope
> 80. What do you hate the most?: Breaking up
> 81. Who was your last boyfriend/girlfriend?: Before Keith, Aaron.
> 82. Who was the last to break your heart?: Aaron, big time.
> 83. Who was your last kiss?: Keith...Wait, Morgan.
> 84. Favorite actor(s)?: Gregory Smith
> 85. Favorite actress(es)?: Eh
> 86. Favorite restaurant?: Whatever

> 87. Hottest Guy?: That hot guy on my Abercrombie bag for basic drawing. I mean Keith...
> 88. Are you Catholic or Jewish or other?: Other - Christian.
> 89. For girls...Do you like one piece, two piece or bikini?: Doesn't matter
> 90. For guys...Shorts or speedo?: Shorts
> 91. Favorite season?: Fall
> 92. What time is it?: 1:
> 93. Favorite car?: Pretty ones.
> 94. Can you drive?: No
> 95. How old are you by the way?: 15
> 96. What grade?: 10th
> 97. What college are you going to attend or attend?: Who knows. Probably HCC. (Hah.)
> 98. Any peircings?: Mhm
> 99. If so where?: Ears
> 100. Tattoo's?: I want one, but too much pain.
> 101. If not do you want any peircings or tattoos?: See above.
> 102. Are you listening to music?: Yep

> 103. If so what music?: Yellowcard - Only One
> 104. Ever gone skinny dipping?: Yes
> 105. If so, with who?: Morgan

> 106. Do you like long walks on the beach?: I sure do.

> 107. Do you drink?: Nah
> 108. If so, what do you like the best?: ....
> 109. Do you do drugs?: ...
> 110. If so, what drugs?: ....
> 111. Do you smoke cigarettes?: ...
> 112. Do you have short/medium/long hair?: medium-long

> 113. Do you cook?: Sometimes
> 114. Do you sew?: Kind of
> 115. Are you pale/tan?: Pale. "Say it with me, SUNLIGHT."
> 116. Girls...How big is your chest?: 34 A - My breasts are HUGE
> 117. Guys...How long is your shlong?: If I had one, it would be one inch...FROM THE GROUND!
> 118. How many buddies are your buddylist?: 127
> 119. Who do you talk to the most online?: David, Keith, and Morgan
> 120. Girls....Do you stuff or have you ever?: No, I don't need to.
> 121. Guys...Do you get a lot of boners and is it hard to hide them?: Oh god yes.
> 122. Who has it harder...guys or girls?: Girls damn it.
> 124. Do you think Gay and lesbian is wrong?: Whatever floats your boat.

> 125. Do you believe in God?: Sure
> 126. Do you belief in aliens?: Nope
> 127. Do you believe in angels?: Sure
> 128. Has anyone really close to you ever passed away?: Yes
> 129. Have you ever thought about committing suicide?: ...
> 130. What's your favorite inside joke with a friend?: "I'll cut you." - The inside joke I have with almost EVERYONE.
> 131. What do you do in the summer?: Usually counsel at band camp, and sit around on my ass. And this year I will be going on vacation, I will not stay home. No more AWAY marching band camp, I will go with Morgan, I will.

> 132. What do you do in the winter?: Build snowmen.
> 133. What's your favorite holiday?: Eh, I guess Christmas.
> 134. Do you like to dance and sing?: Sure
> 135. Do you have a ghetto booty?: Oh god yes. Everyone wants to tap my ass.
> 136. What's your nationality?: German, Hungarian, and Swedish.
> 137. What's your favorite underwear?: Hello Kitty.
> 138. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?: Yep.

> 139. Do you like the beach?: Sure
> 140. Do you like the snow?: Not when it ruins my plans.
> 141. Do you like rain?: Yes
> 142. Do you like wind?: Not when it messes up my hair.
> 143. Are these stupid questions?: Pretty much.
> 145. Do you want this survey to stop?: See above.

> 146. Are you happy there's only 4 more questions?: See above above.
> 147. Who do you think will send this back to you?: Keith is doing it now, because I made him.
> 148. Who do you think won't?: Knock-Knock. Who's there? Go fuck yourself.
> 149. What are your last words?: Your Mom.+++
Friday, December 05, 2003

Snow ruined my plans.

Now I can't go to the movies with Keith, Morgan, Tibo!!!!, Elyssa, Alex, David, Laura, Wade, Jeff and everyone else!!!

And it's supposed to snow more tomorrow. So all hopes of doing something tomorrow are gone too. And my brother said it might snow into Sunday.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I never thought there'd be you.+++
Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Your Mom.+++
Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Now that I think of it, I've really fucked up a lot of things.

God, I need a cigarette.+++